Belkis TLSO Back Brace Orthotics Large 23.5 Tall

Product Code: 1861C
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Price: $182.58
Large 23.5 tall * LG-PRO-BELKIS: Professional Belkis TLSO Custom fits with Flex-E-Core Technology * All Sizes fit up to 52 inch waist * Dual Non-Stretch Straps fit new code requirements * Professional Belkis Back Brace System allows user to easily make adjustment for comfort fit after first fitting * Unloads discs vertebrae and other spinal structures by non-stretch low pressure compression of the vertebral assembly * Helps immobilize spine thereby stabilizing weak or injured structures and deformities stabilizing the lumbo-sacral spine; facilitates healing of injuries or after surgical procedures; reduces pain * Belkis-PRO-TLSO: a BOC Orthtist design for TLSO 2 Mod symphis-xipho * Flex-E-Core combines Ferrous Alloys laminated within lightweight copolymer plastics forming composite panels (anterior and posterior) which are malleable with high tensile resistance * Flex-E-Core panels allow �hands on� custom fitting with near unlimited adjustment * Soft and comfortable with Easy Don-Doff Quick Release Access

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