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  • Combination TENS/EMS Digital Unit w/Timer
    Includes: Device batteries lead wires electrodes (1 pack of 4) carrying case and users manual.Ultima combo (Tens/EMS with body part diagram) * Offers the user the choice of 5 modes of TENS and 2 Modes of EMS * Timer: 5~60mins or continuous * 3 Years Manufacturer 's warranty * HCPCS Code: E0720/E0745 * 2 AA batteries are included with the unit..
  • Drive Dual Channel T.E.N.S. Units
    Horizontal design provides an improved ergonomic fit on belt * New and improved lead wire connector will not disengage from TENS unit * Easy and convienent Flip Down control panel and battery cover reduces cover loss or damage * Dual isolated channels * Adjustable 0-80 Ma 500 ohm load * Pulse frequency adjustable 2-150 Hz * Pulse width is adjustable from 60-250 micro-secon * Wave form: Asymmetrical bi-phase square pulse * Modulation selector offers wave delivery in Norma Bust or Modulation Modes * Plastic belt clip * Comes complete with carr..
  • InTENSity 10 Digital TENS Unit 2 Channel  AC/DC
    Allows patients to select from ten pre-set body icons for targeted therapy making it the easiest and most effective TENS device available on the market today * With the press of two buttons the easy-to-use device is ready to operate effectively based on the area of the body that is being treated * Comes complete with AC adapter for effective therapy on the go * Simple to operate portable device for pain management * 2-button operation * Device has ten pre-set body part selections making it easy for patients to target certain areas in pain * B..
  • InTENSity Select Combo TENS/IF/MIC/EMS
    The InTENSity Select Combo is a powerful easy-to-use portable device. * Complete with four waveforms the unit gives you and your patients the flexibility to treat a variety of musculoskeletal issues. * With a strong current of 105 mA this innovative device combines TENS EMS Interferential and Microcurrent and comes complete with an AC adaptor ensuring you always have power to the device when traveling. * Simple to operate portable device for pain management. * Four waveforms TENS EMS Interential and Microcurrent. * Comes complete with ..
  • Microcurrent Tens Unit
    * Kit contains one dual channel tens stimulator carry case set of lead wires instruction manual 9V battery and set of electrodes * Channels: Dual isolated between channels * Pulse amplitude: 12 V Output Volt No load * Pulse frequency: 0.5 8 80 Hz selected * Pulse width (microseconds): 6250 Fixed * Wave form: Asymmetrical bi-phasic square pulse * Timer: 10 20 and 40 minutes * Mode selector: None * HCPCS Suggested Code: E0745 * CPT Code: E1399 * 1 year warranty..
  • Scan Ultrasound Gel- 8 Oz Each
    Our exclusive dual-viscosity formula allows SCAN to be applied as a gel and scan as a fluid * For medical ultrasound procedures when a less-viscous gel is desired * FEATURES: Acoustically correct provides superior transmission of ultrasound waves * Completely aqueous will not stain clothing damage equipment or irritate skin * Acoustically correct for the broad range of frequencies used * Used and recommended by leading manufacturers of ultrasound equipment worldwide * Bacteriostatic * No formaldehyde * 237 ml (8fl.oz.) dispenser 12 per box..
  • Tens Unit  Dual Channel 3 Mode w/Timer  (TENS3000)
    System includes device lead wires four self-adhesive reusable electrodes 9V battery hard plastic carrying case and instruction manual * 3 Modes: Standard Modulate and Burst * Dual Channel * 30 and 60 minutes or continuous timer * Adjustable Pulse Width: 50-250 Microseconds * Pulse Rate: 2-150 Hz * Pulse Amplitude: 0-80 mA each channel * Waveform: Asymmetrical biphasic square pulse * One year warranty * FDA approved..
  • Ultima 3T TENS Unit (Tri-mode w/ timer)
    Includes: Device batteries lead wires 1-4pack of electrodes carrying case and users manual * Channels: Dual Channels Isolated between channel * Wave Form: Asymmetric biphasic square pulse * Amplitude: 0 to 15mA each channel adjustable (500 ohm load) * Pulse Width: Variable 60-250 microseconds adjustable * Frequency: 2 to 150 Hz adjustable * Uses 4 'AAA' batteries (included)..
  • Ultima Five Digital TENS w/Timer
    Includes Device batteries lead wires 1-4pack of electrodes carrying case and users manual * Channel: Dual Channels Isolated between channel * Output Maximum 130 mA (peak value) across 500 Ohm load * Pulse Width From:50 �S to 250 �S adjustable * Pulse Rate:2 Hz to 150 Hz Adjustable * Wave Form:Symmetrical bi-phasic rectangular Monophasic rectangular * Operates on 2 AA batteries (included) * Timer..
  • UltraTens II Unit Ultrasound and TENS Combo
    The UltraTENS II combines the two most proven modalities ultrasound and TENS technology for pain relief into one compact sleek device * Deep heat from the therapeutic ultrasound and TENS therapy can be used simultaneously to help patients treat chronic and acute muscular pain * New innovative design features an increased duty cycle of 50% with three easy-to-use mode presets plus 30 mA of TENS therapy * This versatile portable unit comes with carry case AC adaptor and ultrasound gel for office or mobile use * 1 MHz with 3 power levels * Beam..