Cervical Pillows/Covers

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  • Bone Neck Rest Pillow w/ White Satin Cover
    Bone shaped pillow cradles the neck and shoulders to help relieve stress and tension associated with neck and shoulder pain * Can be used at home or while traveling * Features a handle that makes it easy for transportation * Filled with 100% polyester fibers * Cover is 100% Acetate * 7 x 16 *..
  • Buckwheat Cervical Pillow 6  x 14
    * Our Buckwheat Cervical Roll comfortably supports your neck to keep your spine correctly aligned * All natural buckwheat hulls mold to the contours of your body offering customized support while allowing air to circulate to keep you cool and comfortable * Features a super soft polyester fleece cover *..
  • Buckwheat Sleeping Pillow 16  x 20
    16 x 20 Enjoy a peaceful night�s sleep with our Buckwheat sleeping Pillow designed to provide customized support to your head and neck * Shifting hulls mold to the body�s natural contours for exceptional comfort * Allows fresh air to circulate keeping your head and neck cool while you sleep * Machine washable cover *..
  • Cervical Butterfly Pillow
    * The specially designed shape of our Butterfly Pillow gives your head and neck the support necessary for a good night�s sleep * Helps ease muscles and nerve tension relieves stiff necks pain across the back and shoulders and morning headaches * Great for side or back sleepers * Filled with 100% soft polyester fibers * Machine washable white polycotton cover..
  • Contoured to ergonomically support the natural alignment of your neck for outstanding comfort while you sleep * Heat and pressure sensitive memory foam gently cradles your head and neck hanging shape as you move to provide responsive support all night long * Designed to decrease morning pain and stiffness resulting from poor neck support * Helps you maintain proper cervical alignment by filling in the natural contour of your neck without lifting or tilting your head whether you sleep on your back or your side * A larger or smaller contour prov..
  • Cervical Pillow- Convoluted
    Standard Convoluted Pillow * Designed with 2 slightly different foam rolls to allow different levels of support * Air circulates through pillow while relieving any pressure points * Urethane core is hypo-allergenic and covered with a soft solid white poly/cotton blend cover * Convoluted foam pillow has eggcrate-type surface * This pillow does NOT compare to the Wal-Pil-O * The Wal-Pil-O is a 4-in-1 pillow that has been clinically proven to help reduce pain * Dimensions: 23 1/2 x 14 x 4 *..
  • Cervical Roll Pillow Fiber Filled Jackson Type
    Pillow size Size: 18 x 7 * This plush filled hypo-allergenic high-lofted polyester fiber filled pillow maintains proper neck posture and aligns the vertebrae restoring a stress-free normal neck contour * Covered in a non-removable white poly/cotton cover...
  • Contoured Foam Cervical Pillow Standard w/White Cover
    * This pillow is anatomically designed to follow the natural contours of your head and neck for total sleeping comfort * It supports and aligns your spine as nature intended so tense tired muscles can relax rest and revive themselves * Ideal for back or side sleeping * Sized to fit any standard pillow case * Polyurethane foam with white washable cover * Size: 16 W x 19 L x 5 H..
  • Cover Only for #2039 Butterfly Pillow
    Cover Only *..
  • Cover Only Zippered for #2044A White
    Cover Only Zippered for item #2044A * White-on-white print poly/cotton cover..