Wander Alarms

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  • Door / Window Alarm
    Sounds an alert when a door or window is open * Prevents resident elopements * Installs in seconds with adhesive backing * Three-position switch: off chime alarm * Resets itself when door or window is closed * Perfect for supply closets medicine cabinets windows and doors * Uses three 1.5 volt batteries *..
  • Door Strip Alarm
    A brightly colored strip directs most residents away from doorways and off limits areas - if a resident proceeds through the doorway - the alarm is activated * Operates on a standard 9-Volt battery and requires no electrical or mechanical installation * Velcro tab secures the door strip alarm to the door frame so it creates a visual not a physical barrier *..
  • Wireless Wander Alarm
    Now you can detect movement of a person from a doorway with this sensitive discreet monitor * Also can be attached to a window * Chime can be set to sound at the monitor or send a signal to the small receiver that can be mounted or placed up to 100 feet away * The chiming unit takes one 9V transistor battery and the door switch takes a specialty battery A23 *..