Drinking Aids

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  • Cup  No-Tip Weighted Base 6-1/2 oz.
    Two-handled cup with weighted base and rounded corners is ideal for pediatric use * It is self-righting even when released from a lying position * It comes with a clear plastic dish-shaped lid with two holes to let fluid flow into the dish for drinking * Another lid has a molded plastic * mouthpiece * Top shelf dishwasher safe * Has 6 1/2� oz. (192 mL) capacity * Spill proof *..
  • Cup Holder  Wheelchair/Walker
    Plastic drink holder is slotted on two sides to hold a cup with handles and is accessible to left or right-handed people * It can also hold a glass can or bottle * The rugged plastic clamp has a large easy-to-tighten lever knob * The clamp fits a 1 diameter tube and comes with a sleeve to reduce it to fit 7/8 tube frames *..
  • Flo-Trol Convalescent Feeding Cup
    Permits dribble-free drinking without the need to sit up or raise the head * Placing a finger over the vent hole in the cap controls the flow of liquid through the mouthpiece * The design reduces the amount of spilled liquid should a mishap occur * The opening in the mouthpiece is large enough for a straw * Graduated at 4 6 and 8 oz levels * Dishwasher and autoclave safe *..
  • Lid only for Hand-To-Hand Mug
    Functional and lightweight for people who have decreased grip strength wrist pain hand deformities or need to keep the wrist in a neutral position *The unique ergonomic design increases leverage of the hand and aids in raising the cup to the lips without wrist motion *The thumbs-on grip reduces the possibility of spilling due to trembling *The cup is double-walled to protect hands from heat or cold *It holds 8 ounces (237 ml) leaving 1� (2.5 cm) of free space above the liquid to reduce spillage. Top rack dishwasher and microwave safe *cu..
  • Mug Double-Handed w/Lid
    10 oz capacity * This crystal clear plastic mug has double handles to make drinking safer and easier for people with a weak grasp or a tremor * The handles will accommodate four adult fingers and the lid has a drinking spout to prevent spills * Wide base to resist tipping * Dishwashing safe and microwaveable *..
  • Nosey Glass  8 oz.
    8 oz glass * Translucent plastic glass has a textured grip surface and a special cutout for the nose area to allow for easy drinking without having to tilt the head (ex. whiplash) * Dishwasher safe..
  • Novo Cup  8.5 oz.
    Specifically designed to eliminate the need to sit up or raise the head while drinking * Fluid will not spill from the cup even if it is lying on its side * Closing the valve on the lid stops the flow of fluid and gives the user control of intake amount by sucking on the spout * Ideal for people who are confined to bed need to drink lying down or who have limited neck/head mobility * Helps reduce the risk of choking promotes independent drinking and reduces caregiver assistance * Engraved measurement markings in 25 ml increments * Use with h..
  • Replacement Straws for #10500 Novo Cup  (Pack 10)
    Replacement straws (pack of 10) for #10500 Novo Cup * Straw: outside diameter - 1/4 (.64 cm) length - 3 21/32 (.93 cm)..