Callous, Corn & Wart Removers

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  • Callous Removal Disks Pk/4 for item 5071
    This package contains 2 fine and 2 coarse disks For item # 5071 *..
  • Dual Action Foot File (Each)
    * Smooth corns and calluses * This handy file fetures a fine emery surface to reduce rough dry areas and a course stainless-steel surface to help remove extra-hard skin * A non-slip handle provides precise control..
  • Felt Callus Protectors (Pk/8)
    * Relieve Pressure Areas * One Size Fits All * 8/Pkg * Relieves pressure areas * Comforts and protects calluses blisters and other foot irritations * They absorb pressure and friction to ease pain and help prevent callus build-up * Self-adhesive backings allow them to be positioned on skin or inside shoes * Trimmable Shipping Carton Size: 9 L x 6 W x 4 H..
  • Felt Corn Protectors (Pk/10)
    * The Podiatrists�s Choice� to protect corns from shoe pressure and friction * Self-adhesive backings keep these durable Felt pads securely in place * Scissor-trimmable for a custom fit * One size fits most..
  • Pedi-GEL Callus Pads Pk/2
    * Our unique new Pedi-GelTM material is self-sticking washable reusable and safe for sensitive skin * These adhere directly to skin or to the insides of shoes - whichever is preferred - to provide extra cushioning..
  • Pedi-GEL Corn Cushions
    Pedi-GEL� Corn Cushions help relieve painful corns * These soft pads feature a relief spot to protect corns from shoe pressure and stop friction * They can be worn directly on skin or inside shoes * Self-adhesive backing keeps them in place * Non-medicated * Safe for sensitive skin * One size fits most * Absorbs pressure & friction * Self-adhesive * Washable & reusable * Protect and prevent corns calluses & blisters * Self-Sticking Stay in Place..
  • Pedi-GEL Reusable Callus Cushions
    Cushions & protects calluses & irritations * Absorb pressure & friction * Self-sticking * Washable & reuseable * Pedi-GEL� reusable callus cushions comfort and protect to relieve pain from calluses and friction and to aid high pressure areas * They feature a comfort spot to prevent irritation and callus build-up * Self-sticking pads adhere directly to feet or the inside of shoes * One size fits most *..
  • Pedi-Quick OneStep Corn Removers
    Soft self-adhesive bandage positions a maximum-strength corn-removing disk precisely where neede to dissolve hard skin * Easy application to relieve painful corns * Stays in place all day * Not for use by people with diabetes or compromised circulation * Comfortable all-in-one bandage delivers pain relief instantly *..
  • Pedi-Quick Pedicure Kit
    Removes rough thick calluses * Keeps heels soft & smooth * Shapes nails better than clippers * New more powerful motor larger grooming discs and improved design * Safe convenient foot care and pedicures at home for both men & women * Powerful motor that won't shut down from light pressure * Includes 2 attachments: 1 rotary microfile and 1 emery buffer * 6 month warranty * Soft smooth healthy-looking! * Uses 4 AA batteries (not included) *..
  • Safety Corn & Callus Trimmer
    * Used properly this unique implement safely reduces calluses and rough dry hard skin buildup fast * Only the PediFix Trimmer features a flexible non-slip handle that prevents excess pressure and callus removal * Includes 3 blades..